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DateTitleMedia Name
2018-05-25Result of Inter-School Volleyball Competition 2017-2018SingTao Daily
2018-05-18Result of Inter-School Table Tennis Competition (HK Island & Kowloon) 2017-2018SingTao Daily
2018-03-29中華傳統文化道教經籍典故朗誦比賽決賽暨頒獎典禮Ming Pao
2018-03-12虎膽追峰者-王珞僖SingTao Daily
2018-01-12Result of Inter School Basketball Competition (A-grade)SingTao Daily
2017-12-05十五歲港生入選以色列高科技人才啟導計劃Ming Pao
2017-11-10List of Record Breaker of Inter-School Swimming Competition 2017-2018SingTao Daily
2017-07-07BOCHK Bauhinia & Rising Star AwardOriental Daily
2017-04-11Enhancing Adaptability through RoboCupOriental Daily
2017-03-16Take a New Track for Your DreamMetro Daily
2017-02-28Breaking the Inter-school Competition RecordOriental Daily
2017-02-19助學生邁步向前-舉辦數學比賽尖子課程Joyful Youth, Kung Kao Po
2017-02-15親子互動 提升科技教育成效wen wei po
2017-02-12啟發學生 探究科學Joyful Youth
2017-02-09Student of the year-Athletic glory and goalsYoung Post - South China Morning Post
2017-01-13Results of Inter-school Fencing Competition 2016-2017SingTao Daily
2016-11-25Inter-School Cross-Country Competition 2016-2017 Division OneSing Tao
2016-10-18以色列生命之旅 將不可能變為可能Happy Pama - Ming Pao
2016-09-26基金種子計劃助小學推STEMSing Tao Daily
2016-09-08News of "Israel Life Tour"Ming Pao
2016-06-01Best Student Invention Secondary (Junior) School Silver AwardHong Kong New Emerging Technology Education Association (HKNETEA)
2016-04-25Ming Pao Weekly - 心靈教育 校園遺失的一塊拼圖Ming Pao Weekly
2016-03-14Young Post - 2016-03-14South China Morning Post - Young Post
2016-02-01Sports Road Junior - Feb 2016 - Issue 02Sports Road
2016-01-15Sing Tao - 2016-01-15Sing Tao Daily
2015-11-20Ming Pao - 2015-11-20Ming Pao
2015-11-09Sing Tao - 2015-11-09Sing Tao Daily
2015-11-07Sing Tao - 2015-11-07 - Enriched IT Programme in Secondary SchoolsSing Tao
2015-09-30Ming Pao - 2015-09-30 - OGCIO Enriched IT Programme in Secondary SchoolsMing Pao - A21
2015-09-22Ming Pao - 2015-09-22 - OGCIO Enriched IT Programme in Secondary SchoolsMing Pao
2015-09-13Kung Kao Pao - 2015-09-13Kung Kao Pao
2015-08-23Kung Kao Pao - 2015-08-23Kung Kao Pao
2015-05-08Sing Tao Daily - 2015-05-08Sing Tao Daily
2015-04-23Young Post - 2015-04-23 - Winner of SCMP Student of the Year AwardSouth China Morning Post - Young Post
2015-03-06Young Post - 2015-03-06 - Believe In Zero, Make A Video 2014SCMP - Young Post
2015-02-13Young Post - 2015-02-13 - Believe In Zero, Make A Video 2014SCMP - Young Post
2015-02-06Oriental Daily - 2015-02-06Oriental Daily
2015-01-28Unwire Pro - 2015-01-28Unwire Pro
2015-01-23Young Post - 2015-01-23 - Believe In Zero, Make A Video 2014SCMP - Young Post
2015-01-19LinuxPilot - 2015-01-19LinuxPilot
2015-01-16Sing Tao - 2015-01-16Sing Tao Daily
2015-01-08Hong Kong Economic Times - 2015-01-08Hong Kong Economic Times
2015-01-05Sing Tao - 2015-01-05Sing Tao Daily
2014-11-24Young Post - 2014-11-24SCMP - Young Post
2014-11-21Hong Kong Daily News - 2014-11-21Hong Kong Daily News
2014-11-18Ming Pao - 2014-11-18Ming Pao
2014-11-03Hong Kong Economic Journal - Principal's Interview - 2014-11-03Hong Kong Economic Journal
2014-10-05Kung Kao Pao - 2014-10-05Kung Kao Pao
2014-07-11Sing Tao - 2014-07-11 Chief Executive's Award for Teaching Excellence (2013/2014)Sing Tao
2014-07-03Oriental Daily - "Standard Chartered Hong Kong 150th Anniversary Community Foundation" presents “Shape your Future” Financial Education WorkshopOriental Daily
2014-06-15Kung Kao Pao - 2014-06-15Kung Kao Pao
2014-06-06Junior Writers Awards 2014 - Top 100 Writers of the YearJunior Writers Awards 2014
2014-06-01Kung Kao Pao - 2014-06-01Kung Kao Pao
2014-05-07Sing Tao - 2014-05-07Sing Tao Daily
2014-05-02Sing Tao - 2014-05-02Sing Tao Daily
2014-04-27Hong Kong News Daily - 2014-04-27Hong Kong News Daily
2014-04-15Young Post - 2014-04-15SCMP - Young Post
2014-03-01Apple Daily - 2014-03-01Apple Daily
2014-02-17Kung Kao Pao - 2014-02-17Kung Kao Pao
2014-02-15Hong Kong Economic Times - 2014-02-15Hong Kong Economic Times
2014-02-12Eastweek - 2014-02-12Eastweek
2014-01-19Kung Kao Pao - 2014-01-19Kung Kao Pao
2014-01-14Young Post - 2014-01-14SCMP - Young Post
2014-01-08Education Ladder - 2014-01-08Education Ladder
2014-01-07Young Post - 2014-01-07SCMP - Young Post
2014-01-06Sing Tao - 2014-01-06Sing Tao Daily
2014-01-02Young Post - 2014-01-02South China Morning Post - Young Post
2013-12-31Apple Daily - 2013-12-31Apple Daily
2013-12-13Sing Tao - 2013-12-13Sing Tao Daily
2013-12-05Headline Daily - 2013-12-05SingTao - Headline Daily
2013-12-01Kung Kao Pao - 2013-12-01Kung Kao Pao
2013-11-29SingTao - 2013-11-29SingTao
2013-11-28Young Post - 2013-11-28South China Morning Post - Young Post
2013-11-19Ming Pao - 2013-11-19Ming Pao
2013-11-08Inter-School Swimming Competition (Division 2)Sing Tao Daily
2013-11-04SCMP - Young Post - Swimming GalaSCMP - Young Post
2013-10-31Sky Post - Feature ArticleSky Post
2013-10-29SCMP - Young Post - DebatingSCMP - Young Post
2013-10-22Sunday KISS - 2013-10-22Sunday KISS
2013-09-22Kung Kao Pao - Taiwan Pilgrimage TourKung Kao Pao
2013-09-08CSWCSS Media Coverage - Kung Kao PaoKung Kao Pao
2013-02-05CSWCSS Media Coverage - Sunday KISSSunday KISS
2013-01-25HKSSF - Inter-School Volleyball Competition (Division 1) 2012 ChampionSing Tao Daily
2012-12-14Results of HK Island & Kowloon Inter-School Beach Volleyball CompetitionSing Tao Daily
2012-12-03HKSSF - Inter-School Volleyball Competition (Division 1) 2012 ChampionMingPao
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