Students who are absent from Uniform Tests/Examinations

General Principle:

No make-up Uniform Test or Examination will be offered.

A: Uniform Tests

Students absent from the test will score zero marks for that particular Uniform Test. It will affect the CA score. 

B: Examinations

For students absent without acceptable reasons:

The column(s) for the absent subject(s) will be marked ‘ABS’ on the academic report.

Zero mark will be counted in the aggregate.  Aggregate marks and aggregate form positions will be shown on the report card.

Special arrangements for students absent with acceptable reasons:

1. Special considerations on promotion criteria will only be given to the following categories of students:

a) Students suffering from illness

b) Students participating in international contests representing the school or the HKSAR

2. Procedures:

a) Students concerned have to tender supporting documents,
     e.g. parents letter, medical certificate, letter from organizing body etc.

b) Students have to seek approval of the Principal.

c) Result of that particular subject will be exempted from the calculation of aggregate.

d) The column(s) for the absent subject(s) will be marked 'EXM' on the academic report.

e) The reason for absence will be stated in the 'remarks' column.

f ) The promotion criteria will consider the overall performance of the school year including Continuous Assessment marks.

Speical arrangements for students who have Educational Needs

 Students should submit their applications during the following periods. The school will review the cases and offer timely and suitable arrangements for students if necessary.

      (a) On or before the 2nd Friday of September (speical arrangements may start from the half-yearly exam at the earlist)

      (b) On or before the 2nd Friday of February (speical arrangements may start from the final exam at the earlist)