Strategies catering for learning diversity

Our Teaching & Learning Support Team works closely with various subject panels. The focus of this committee is to enhance self-efficacy and independent learning of our students.


A. Catering for learners’ diversity

Various kinds of tutorials have been offered from individualized tutoring, small, self-initiated tutorial groups across different subjects, organized regular tutorial groups to supplementary after-school lessons to enhance learning progress of targeted groups of students throughout a year. Particular attention and resources on extended academic support have also been provided for student athletes and sportsmen to cater their learning needs. On top of all these tutorial groups and supplementary lessons, organized summer classes and learning programmes have also been offered to support students to enhance their learning effectiveness; 



B.     Stretching potential

Our school is rich in learning opportunities and exposure. Students enjoy a wide variety of learning experiences and exposure in their years in CSWCSS. For academically high-achievers, without doubt, they have different sorts of enrichment in their learning, for instance, a year-round programme for Form 5 and 6 high-achievers to stretch their academic potential. Study groups, sharing with experienced teachers, alumni and fresh graduates who have achieved outstanding academic results, and workshops on interviews and JUPAS course selection have been organized. On top of these, supplementary tutorial groups on various subjects are organized with the support of teachers and alumni.

Our school has also participated in extended training courses organized by external institutions for instance courses organized by The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST) where our students gifted in mathematics or science subjects could receive extensive accelerated learning and earn university credits.


Nurturing gifted students with off-campus external training opportunities.

From time to time, our gifted students have been nominated and accepted into external institutions working on gifted education e.g. HKAGE, CUHK where they receive training in different domains e.g. science and mathematics enhancement courses; leadership training and even psychology courses. For instance, some have been invited to participate in its “Nurturing the Gifted” Scheme.

With the support from the Gifted Education Section of HKSAR Education Bureau, our school has also collaborated with other schools in forming school networks to share and learn from each other on school-based good practices in promoting gifted education with particular reference in STEM education and formulating talent pool.


Self-regulatory learning through web-courses for junior form gifted students.

Every year some of our junior form students will enrol into the webcourses e.g. Mathematics, Astrology, Earth Science organized by HKAGE and EDB Gifted Education Service.

The provision of supplementary regular training in various domains, for example, organized Mathematics and Science training by our Mathematics panel and IS panel. External competitions e.g. HKMO, HKIMO, AMC, AIMO and IJSO are sought for these participants to widen their horizons and exposure.


C. Use of assessment data

Compiling, analyzing, distributing and reporting assessment data e.g. internal exam results, external assessment results such as HKDSE, SVAIS and stakeholders’ surveys, APASO, ICAS and etc to relevant parties concerned as a basis for curriculum planning and informing good practices in the classrooms.


D.   Others:

For example,

Use of on-line past HKCE & HKDSE exam question banks; English e-learning platforms;

Arranging international assessment to benchmark the learning progress in selected domains e.g. Science and English writing;

Language Across Curriculum (LAC) in F.1 (IS, LS and ENG) and through reading period

School-based reading curriculum

Reading Task Force has designed regular reading lessons with follow-up tasks which are graded for students of different abilities.

Examination scripts of successful students in various subjects are reviewed to shed more light in improving our teaching and learning strategies.