[Updated on 02 Sept 2019]

  1. In the event of closure of the school upon the instruction of the Education Bureau due to bad weather or tropical cyclone, the Uniform Test(s) / Examination(s) scheduled to be held on that day will be conducted on Saturday during the examination period. For further details, please visit the school website:
  2. There will be no make-up uniform tests / examinations for students absent from any uniform tests / examinations.
  3. Students must wear proper school uniform on all uniform test / examination days, including oral examinations.
  4. Students should arrive at school AT LEAST 20 minutes before the commencement of the 1st session of the examination. Before each session of uniform test / examination, students should line up in the playground when they hear the first bell which will ring ten minutes before the uniform test / examination is due to start. Students should then proceed to the examination centre quietly under teachers' supervision. Students who arrive after the first half-hourof a uniform test / examination session may not be admitted.
  5. Students should try their best to complete the test/examination. Students will not be allowed to leave until the end of the uniform test / examination.
  6. No student may leave the uniform test / examination centre without the permission of the invigilator.
  7. Electronic / Communication devices that can store / display text, images and audio materials (e.g. mobile phones, smart watches and electronic dictionaries) are NOT allowed to be brought to the examination centres.
  8. To prevent students from cheating, students who need to go to toilet will be requested to have their belongings in their pockets checked before they leave the uniform test / examination centres. They should record their name, class and time on the record sheet. Those who refuse to do so will not be permitted to go to toilet during the uniform test / examination time.
  9. Any student found cheating will be disqualified and referred to the Discipline Committee for further action.
  10. Strict silence must be observed in the uniform test / examination centre throughout the uniform test / examination as well as in any other part of the school premises before and after the uniform test / examination.  Inconsiderate acts such as talking noisily or playing which cause a disturbance to others taking the examination are strictly forbidden.
  11. No students will be allowed to loiter at the school premises after they have completed their uniform test / examination for the day.
  12. It is not advisable for students who have no uniform test / examination on a certain day during the examination period to come back to school as they may cause a disturbance to those taking the uniform test / examination. If they do come back for good reason, they should not loiter in the covered playground or corridors, especially when students are lining up or proceeding to the uniform test / examination centre.