The purpose of these guidelines is to outline guiding principles and practical measures for teachers to promote effective use of homework and tests as a supplementary learning activity and to ensure that students have a good study habit.

I. Homework

A) Setting and giving homework

1. Panel heads, after consulting their members, have to derive a homework policy for their corresponding subject in terms of TYPE, FREQUENCY, QUANTITY, QUALITY & FEEDBACK and put forward their strategies about how to handle students who fail to submit their work.

2. Homework policy of all subjects should be forwarded to the Principal and the Prefect of Studies who would make constructive comments and guidance whenever necessary.

3. The homework policy should be reviewed constantly so that the balance is maintained between the demands of the subject and the learning needs of students.

B) Feedback

Assignments should be properly marked, graded, commented upon and recorded to ensure that suitable feedback is given.

C) Supervision

Panel heads are to monitor the homework policy and see if it is properly carried out by panel members. Random check should be made and recorded bimonthly/ tri-monthly/

quarterly/ half yearly and the records will be inspected by the Principal, Vice Principal and the Prefect of Studies.

II. Student Handbook (F.1-F.6)

- The Student Handbook is to record different types of homework including preparation work and collecting materials etc.

- Students should record the homework to be submitted on a later day (especially for F.1 students), once on the day the work is assigned, the other on the day before the work is to be submitted.

- Subject teachers/ class monitors should write down the homework assigned on the blackboard every day. Teachers are requested to assign reasonable amount of work taking into consideration of students’ abilities.

- Subject teachers should make good use of the Student Handbook for informing parents of their son’s failure in submitting homework through filling in the ‘Correspondence’.

- The Student Handbook should be signed and checked by parents and Class Teachers weekly.

- Random Check of Student Handbooks would be carried out by the Academic & Curriculum Committee members.

III. Posting of homework and test record on Internet

The records of homework and tests of all F. 1 – F. 3 classes are to be posted on the internet every school day. They are accessible for students, teachers and parents and they would serve as a reference for test schedule and collection of homework. Daily records of F. 1 – 3 students who fail to submit their homework on time will be kept for follow-up measures.

IV. Homework Collection Scheme (F. 1 – F. 3)

1. Aim : To help F. 1- F. 3 students cultivate a good habit to hand in homework on time.

2. Preparation

- Briefing sessions to F.1 – F.3 students in September.

- Parents will be informed of the scheme by the letter to parent.

3. Collection of homework

 Time: Class Teacher Time (5-10 minutes)

 Support:

- Subject monitors, class monitors, class teachers and subject teachers of 1st period, minor staff, and clerical staff

- Subject Monitors or Class Monitors have to prepare name list of students (2 copies) who fail to hand in HW / assignment; one to the clerical staff and one to subject teacher concerned

Duties of minor staff:

- Collect homework

- Place homework or assignments with one copy of students’ name list on the shelves outside Staff Rooms

- Submit one copy of the name list to the clerk-in-charge

 4. Homework Non-submission Slip

- Homework Non-submission Slip will be issued to students concerned before the last lesson on the same day

- Parents of students who do not submit their homework punctually will be informed by SMS sent by the school

- Students will receive a demerit for every 8 times of homework non-submission in a term.

5. Period

First Term: 02nd October, 2018 to 30th November, 2018

Second Term: 03rd January, 2018 to 31st May, 2019

6. Penalty System

 The clerk-in-charge have to complete the following tasks:

- To update Student Homework Non-submission Record and keep Class Teachers and teachers-in-charge of the captioned scheme (members of the Academic & Curriculum Committee) well informed.

- A demerit will be recorded against him when he has accumulated Homework non-submission record 8 times in a term and will be stated in his disciplinary report.

- Such record will not be carried over to the next term. If he has no further record of detention, he is eligible for application to have the demerit in the previous term to be deleted.

- Parents will be informed of the penalty and consequence by phone.

- The record of Homework non-submission and demerit would be given to the corresponding Class Teachers for reference when grading the Application of students.

7. Follow-up procedures

- Interviewing parents (at school campus and / or Home Visit) by Class Teachers

- Referral of difficult cases to CGC and DC for guidance and follow-up actions.

- Homework Tutorial Group (F.4 to F.5 students will serve as tutors) and Study Room on weekdays after school

8. Teachers-in-charge

Homework Collection Scheme: Mr. Wong Ka Chun Patrick

Study Room:  Mr. Wong Ka Chun Patrick

Tutorial Group:  Mr. Wong Ka Chun Patrick

9. Supporting Strategies

 Study Room

Date: 17th September, 2018 – 19th June, 2019

Venue: Room Multi-purpose Hall – 7.35 to 8.05 a.m.

4.00 to 9.00 p.m.


 Tutorial Group

Date: 24th September, 2018 – 31st May, 2019

Venue: Room 218 – 4.00 to 5.30 p.m. (winter schedule)

or 3.00 to 4.30 p.m. (summer schedule)

10. Redemption System and Awards

- Students are free to enter and leave the Study Room or Tutorial Group every 30-minute interval.

- Students can receive a stamp every 30 minutes for their attendance at the Study Room or Tutorial Group.

- 6 Stamps could be used to redeem one merit ticket. Awards would be offered to students who get the highest number of stamps in each term.

- Students could use 6 stamps to delete one non-submission record within a specified time limit.