Please click here to download the Application Form for 2020-2021 S1 Waiting List (English version)

Application for S1 Waiting List 2020-2021


A.    Application Period 申請時段

7th July, 2020 (9:00 a.m. – 12:30 p.m, 1:30 p.m. – 4:00 p.m).

二零二零年七月七日 (上午九時至十二時三十分,下午一時三十分至四時正)

B.     How to Apply 申請辦法

Applicants should submit the completed application form in person.  Photocopies of related documents are also required.


C.    Minimum Admission Requirements 申請條件

English Language (英文)                  B /80% or above (乙級/80分或以上)

Chinese Language (中文)                 B /80% or above (乙級/80分或以上)

Mathematics (數學)                         B /80% or above (乙級/80分或以上)

Conduct (操行)                               B /80% or above (乙級/80分或以上)

D.    Documents Required 所需文件

1. Photocopies of P. 4, P. 5 and P. 6 Report Cards 小學四、五及六年級成績表副本

2. A photocopy of the Allocation Slip 小六派位証副本

3. A recent photo (4cm x 5cm) 近照一張 (四厘米乘五厘米)

E.     Release of Results 結果公佈

Successful applicants will be informed by phone.  They have to complete the registration procedure immediately.  There is no need to ring up the school.

校方會將甄選結果以電話通知被取錄者,並需立即到校辦理註冊手續。 申請者毋須致電本校查詢結果

F.     Point of Note注意事項

Applicants must complete the registration procedure at the school allocated from 9th July, 2020 to 10th July, 2020.